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A real insight on the decisions made in the gaming industry, and how one gamer views them.

Bringing Pokémon to a Real Arena! – Pokkén Tournament Overview

Pokémon was originally released in 1996.

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30th Anniversary – Super Mario Maker Overview

To my surprise, I’ve actually heard more bad than good about the recently released Super Mario Maker title for the Wii U.

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Bringing a New Peace to Terror – Wave 5 of Amiibos

With each passing wave, the force of the water has become stronger and stronger. Amiibo hunter’s have put to use new tactics to ensure that they don’t miss out on the trophies they desire.

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3-Pack Attack – Retro Amiibo Madness

Yesterday, August 8th, marked the date for amiibo enthusiasts to put down their preorder for the 3 pack retro amiibos consisting of Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, and R.O.B. at GameStop. The manner in which the preorders were handled and the … Continue reading

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Alternative Age Pre-Order In Order – Fusing Fantasy with Reality

Pre-order bonuses are nothing new to the gaming community. Usually they consist of common things that aren’t exactly “eye catching.” However, they grasp the attention of those that may want such things and are usually released later on in some … Continue reading

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Assessing the New Wave – Wave 4 of Amiibos

Yesterday marked the release of Wave 4 of the infamous both hated and loved amiibos. People lined up at stores early in the morning, all around the states.

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Recipe in the Making: What it Takes to be a Great Game

Producers have been listening way more to consumers when it comes to video games in comparison to earlier years due to the recent huge growth and reach of multiple different social media sites. Because of this, many gaming companies have been opting … Continue reading

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The New DLC: DownLoathable Content

Today’s topic will deal with DLC due to it’s noticeable changes as of late. The presentation and execution of DLC has become different than usual and there are mixed emotions towards it from multiple different audiences.

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Nintendo: The Rise to M. Good, Bad, or Otherwise?

For the most part, people view Nintendo to be for toddlers and people that need to grow up, hence the nickname Xbox/Playstation lovers came up with “Nintoddlers”. However, over the past years, Nintendo has been more involved with mature audiences … Continue reading

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Amiibos: Scam or Science?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of negativity when it comes to amiibos and I would like to even out the playing field and give it a fair inspection: the good, the bad, the inbetween, and beyond.

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