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Batman v. Superman v. Critics: Dawn of Unfairness

(Warning: Contains Spoilers!) In a perfect scenario, I would have been able to attend an advanced screening of Batman vs. Superman and spend several hours in my study digesting the movie away from the opinions of the masses and other … Continue reading

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The Politics of Heavensward

When you play a game in a medieval-esque setting, there are certain political themes that are old-hat.

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Take Flight with Heavensward: FFXIV’s First Expansion

Before I delve into the world of Heavensward, I need to give the following disclaimer: I have not completed all of the content (I’m currently sitting close to level 57, so bear with me).

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“Breaking up is hard to do”: Leaving Your Free Company

The nature of FFXIV forces people to engage with other players whether one wants to or not. Some may question why any person that wants solo play would even bother signing up for an MMO, and if FFXIV were a conventional … Continue reading

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How to Dragoon like a Pro (Part 1)

To put it bluntly, DPS classes get very little respect in the FFXIV world.

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Should Gil be the default Currency?

Clearing the main story line in FFXIV  was a great experience. Not even the impatience of gunners that I ran the endgame content with, who constantly berated me for wanting to watch a cutscene or two, were able to take … Continue reading

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Tanking Tips for Dummies

For most of my time as a player of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (henceforth referred to simply as ffxiv), I was primarily a soloist.

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