Xiaoperior’s Pokemon Corner- So Many Apologies are in Store

Hey there guys! So I realize that there have been a lot of discourse around lately. I believe that I may have even contributed to such discourse. Therefore, I have to address some things that I may have said before.

Fist things first. I realize that the site has been stagnant for a while now. I’m very sorry for that. The combination of getting ready for my first year at a new medical school along with the drought of Pokemon news has made writing meaningful articles an issue. I’ve almost covered every unique and interesting personal theory out there for MOM so that’s on hold. I haven’t had time to try out new teams for a while so TTT is on hold for the moment as well (although I might do a guide on static zapdos if you guys want it). That just leaves Thoughtful Thursday and Whatever Wednesday, which are when I try to share news (even though today is a tuesday lol) and as we all know, news is slow. Fun Friday is still alive and well, but it takes time to draw pictures as well lol. So you can see, as long as news picks up again, I’ll try to at least have one to three articles fro you guys every week. If there is no news, well that can’t be helped right?

The second major issue I want to address is about this month’s supposed “news”. Apparently, they were supposed to released Sun and Moon info in this month’s Corocoro. I was one of those who jumped the sharpedo and assumed that it would be something big. I even told you guys about it in a few posts. As you probably know by now, there is no big news this month. We all jumped the gun. All we got are some blank box arts that are supposed to be revealed NEXT month:

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.09.54 AM

I’m sorry for all the misinformation I conveyed. On another note though, it has been revealed that the mythical pokemon magearna:


is indeed a steel/ fairy type, not like we haven’t guessed the obvious anyways. Once again, I’m very sorry for hyping everyone up with misinformation and I’ll try to make some more interesting articles soon.


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